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John and Liz run a great CSA program.  This is our first year with  them and we are very pleased. We feel that we get great value here compared to other CSA programs.  John and Liz are very passionate about what they do and they care deeply about their animals.  Liz is > always there during pick-up hours so that she is available to talk to customers.

Thank you

Callie B.

Wasaga Beach 2015


Whispering Pines Farm & Garden
John and Liz

    I have been meaning to write this since the beginning. It has been 4 seasons now. I really can’t believe it has been this long. To tell you the truth I really was not a good vegetable eater. Salads yes, but not really vegetables. 
    Over these 4 seasons how things have changed. I now get excited to see what I am going to receive this week.
    One of the most appreciated things you both have done for me was to create the ½ share. For me it is just fantastic for single families.
    I know am now much more aware of what is happening to our vegetables and very rarely purchase from the store.
    You have expanded your lines to include preserves, baked goods (I try and stay away from), beef, chicken and eggs. I am looking forward to having pork and lamb – hopefully next season.
    I also love the additional effort made by you both – all the extra things you do for us like the recipe book you started in 2009. I have kept every recipe and use it often.

 Thanks again.
Sharon MacGregor 2012

Dear Liz and John
It hase been four seasons now that we have been coming to Whispering Pines Farm in the summer month
each Saturday for our organic vegetables and meat and specia lthings like butter tarts ,lemon pies and
such. We want you to know how much we enjoy the great  produce but also to see you. Your family works so
hard in the garden to bring us all these nice things and they make us feel like part of the goup.
THANK'S LIZ FOR EVERYTHING and we will be waiting for next year to begin.

All  the best for now and have a great Fall and  winter season,
your friends Gerda and Ken 2012.

Whispering Pines Farm & Garden
The CSA has become more than just a locally supplied grocery store, it has become incorporated into our family. Our pre-schooler son loves going to the farm and last summer it became a great adventure every week to see what vegetables were going to be there, pick eggs or visit with the donkeys and chickens. It's a tradition and a memory that I wouldn't want to deprive my son of now. You can tell an experience has made an impact on you when you miss it or long for it. Our family misses the fresh greens and veggies and can't wait to start filling our fridge again in the summer. I can't recommend highly enough Whispering Pines Farms or the amazing experience it has given to our family.

Thanks Liz and John!

Margaret Prophet 2011

Dear Liz & John,

Our family first bought a share with your farm in 2010. At that time we also had a share at another farm, but we soon noticed the difference in quality of produce, involvement in the production and selection process, the love for your animals and the great care for your members.

Not only do you carefully select all the seeds, so you know where everything that comes out of the ground comes from, but you plant, weed, water and harvest everything by hand and make sure the members get plenty to take with them every week, even if the weather gods have not been with you. You always make time to talk to each and every member and make them feel at home.

This year we even bought two shares. I can't tell you how much we LOVE the shares (and the eggs!), we miss you as soon as the season is over and can't wait until you will have a year-round CSA!

Thank you!

De Rijke Family, November 2011

Pancake Breakfast 2011

We had so much fun at this year's Annual Pancake Breakfast. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves while sharing a delicious meal. Even the animals seemed happy to have attention from so many visitors. The always friendly Buddy made sure to say hello to everyone he could find. Jasmine & Shadow got lots of pets, pats, and pictures taken of them by their newly painted shed. The chickens, known affectionately as "The Girls", clucked happily every time anyone threw some greens into their pen. They even let a few young visitors take a warm egg or two from their nesting boxes. Those are the moments that are not soon forgotten and the ones that remind me of what the CSA is really about. We are a unique community brought together by our desire to be more connected to the food we eat. But through the CSA, we also gain a connection to our farmers and to each other. Many thanks to our gracious hosts & their helpers for a lovely day on the farm!

Danielle and Al

This was my family's first year participating in the CSA program. What made me want to join was the extraordinary health benefit for my children, my husband and myself. As a mother of 3, I have always strive to put nutritious and 'clean' foods into my children's bodies and felt that I was paying them a disservice by buying pre-packaged food and meats that I had no idea of the content of steroids and other chemicals.

When a friend of mine told me about Liz and Whispering Pines, I didn't hesitate to phone and sign up. Now, after a season of eating foods from Whispering Pines, 1 can easily say that I am proud of myself for choosinq organic and chemical/steroid freefood for my children and I can take comfort in knowing that my children are eating the foods that God intended them to have.

This experience has also allowed our family to spend quality time together making new recipes and teaching our kids the value of good food. My entire family has thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Liz and John. My girls have spent numerous hours at Whispering Pines learning to both respect and love their animals and learn about the food that is growing. You can taste the love that Liz and John put into their food each night when we sit down for dinner. And for that, I will forever be thankful.

Carrie Pyatt, September 2010

I would like to thank you both John and Liz for your hospitality. My family and I visited your farm back in July 2010 on our way to the cottage and you took time out of your busy schedule to show us around and the kids had a great time meeting the animals. We were impressed by your genuine love for your animals and the care you provide them. We purchased grass fed beef and chickens from you. Both my family and my brother in law’s family were amazed at the lean and tenderness of the beef. We all agreed this was the best beef we had and all 6 kids agreed. For the next week we ate steaks, burgers, ground meat and stew and all the cuts were beyond our expectations, so flavorful.

After ordering my half side of beef at the end of July 2010 and sharing it with my extended family, I now have my brother, brother-in-law and my in-laws wanting to order some beef. I don’t want to forget to tell you that we love your chickens and have ordered them twice to date and look forward to your next batch.

David and Mary, Mississauga, Ontario 2010

“This was my first year being part of a CSA, and it was a great experience! I looked forward to picking up my share every week – the produce was delicious and super fresh, and Liz was always excited to share her ideas and suggestions. The atmosphere at Whispering Pines is warm and friendly, and they really go the extra mile – offering advice, samples of delicious recipes and fostering a feeling of community among all the members. I enthusiastically recommend Whispering Pines’ CSA!”  

Jen Russel, 2010

My family has belonged to the Whispering Pines CSA for 2 years now and we have been very pleased with the experience. I love the fact that I am bringing home organic, “picked that same day” produce, full of nutrients for my husband and two kids and grown on soil very close to me (hence less carbon imprint!). I love the fact that the crop share has introduced us to new vegetables and has stretched my cooking imagination and varied our regular eating pattern.

As my kids get into their picky eating, I hate vegetable years, I am interested (and relieved) to see that they will always eat “fresh from “our” farm” vegetables when they will refuse grocery store vegetables. They have picked up on the feeling that these vegetables are something special and that our farm experience is something unique and enjoyable. They love to go to the farm and see all the animals (and feed them – even if they don’t want to be fed!) and I am happy that they are getting some exposure to the actual source of our food.

I, myself have learned so much about the work involved and the trials (and triumphs) of running a farm, and I feel a close, family-like tie to Liz, John and Jesse, and to the land which provides us with this bounty. Congratulations to your family on this difficult undertaking. We are so glad that you work so hard to feed us! 

Dr. Mardi Charlton, 2010

Thank you for making our first year with Community Share Agriculture such a pleasant experience. As retired seniors who are not always at home, we were concerned that we would not be able to consume a full share so we shared our basket with our daughter, son-in-law and one and one-half year old grandson.  This worked quite well. Cindy mentioned that the experience had them trying new veggies that they probably would not purchase in the grocery store. 

It took two or three weeks for me to get organized on meal plans in reverse. I was in the habit of planning meals, then shopping, but with our basket it was best to plan around the veggies for the week, then shop for any additional items required. Nothing taste better than vegetables just picked from the garden, unless it is Liz's baking. Colin entered butter tart withdrawal at the end of the season!

We look forward to enjoying vegetables that are full of flavour again next year.

Along with the organic vegetables from Whispering Pines Farm and Garden, we have enjoyed the wonderful flavour and tenderness of their naturally raised beef.  This beef has more flavour, is very lean and tender, and most importantly we know that it has not been "seasoned" and many supermarkets do. Why? What are they trying to hide?  Most importantly, John raises his cattle as was intended, naturally, without additions to their feed, etc.

Colin and Gwen Gordon, 2009

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