Pasture Raised Beef, Lamb and Pork

Whispering Pines Farm and Garden offers delicious, naturally raised beef from our Red Angus cross cattle, Sheep and Tamworth Pigs.

Our herd is raised humanely, without the use of antibiotics, chemical additives or growth hormones. We are a cow/calf and sheep/lamb production farm. Our cows and sheep are bred on our farm and the calves and lambs are born right here on the farm allowing us to monitor and ensure the health, growth and treatment right from the start. Our cattle, sheep and pigs spend their days in the sunshine and fresh air, grazing the rich grasses on our fields during the warm season. Through careful management and the use of sustainable agricultural practices, we are particular to care for the environment, wildlife and flora on our farm while raising healthy, happy cattle, lambs and pigs.

We get most of our piglets from a local farmers who keeps a few sows as part of their small mixed farms.  Once they arrive on our farm the pigs are fed GMO free feed and lots of additional greens and weeds from the garden. They have lots of space to root and carry on as pigs love to do outside, weather permitting.

Why is this important?

Because healthier, happier cattle, sheep and pigs produce healthier meat which in turn produces a healthier environment and people. Growing attention to the issue of how our meat sources, chicken and fish included are being mistreated, housed in miserable conditions, fed dangerous growth hormones, antibiotics, bizarre fillers and genetically modified seed/feed is not just a moral issue but a health one. Studies have proven that pasture raised beef is substantially lower in fat yet higher in protein and Omega3 fatty acid and vitamin E. The animals are less stressed, are allowed to breed and raise their calves and lambs on their terms and thus produce a better flavoured, textured, and overall healthier meat.

Our cattle, sheep and pigs are butchered locally and according to the guidelines of the Canadian Meat Inspection Regulations. This means a high quality control with less travel and stress for the animal as well as less impact on the environment overall.

While raising cattle, sheep and pigs naturally is more expensive and a slower process. We are unwilling to make animals miserable or use artificial means to push their growth beyond nature's own schedule. We are proud of our animals and the healthy, delicious meat we can provide to our community.

Individual cuts available (limited quanities). Please contact us directly for details.


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