Below is a list of vegetables
that may be included in the CSA:

  • - Beans
  • - Beets
  • - Cabbage
  • - Carrots
  • - Cucumbers
  • - Ground Cherries
  • - Herbs
  • - Lettuce
  • - Melons
  • - Onions
  • - Peas
  • - Peppers
  • - Potatoes
  • - Rapini
  • - Spinach
  • - Summer Squashes
  • - Sweet Potatoes
  • - Tomatoes
  • - Tomatillos
  • - Watermelons
  • - Winter Squashes
  • - plus many more...

9 Reasons Why I Love the CSA...

It's Affordable

By joining the CSA program, I can feed myself and my family for much less than if I shopped at the grocery store.

It's Nutritious

The freshly picked, naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and eggs that I get from Whispering Pines Farm are higher in nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

It's Delicious

John and Liz plant heirloom varieties of vegetables that remind me how food is supposed to taste.
I get to try some new fruits and vegetables that I've never seen before.

It's Abundant

As the garden grows, so too does my weekly share of the harvest. My well-stocked kitchen has even inspired me to try new recipes.

It's Local

I feel good about lessening my family's footprint on our earth by eating food that is grown right here in Simcoe County. Since it's all picked fresh, it lasts longer than conventional produce once I get it home.

It's Pesticide Free

I feel safe knowing that I'm eating and serving food that has been grown without the use of chemicals. John and Liz use eco-friendly farming methods including compost tea and crop-rotation. None of their seeds are genetically modified.

It's Fun

Making the trip to Whispering Pines Farm has become a fun part of my weekly routine. My husband and I enjoy packing our produce box while chatting with fellow CSA members and we always look forward to seeing what is in season each week.

The Animals

Whether it's the two donkeys, Jasmine and Shadow, the egg-laying hens affectionately known as "The Girls", or the family dog, Buddy, I always like seeing the animals on the farm. I even get to feed them once in awhile!

The Farmers

John and Liz put their heart and soul into the farm. They answer every question I have about the produce, how to prepare it and even how to save it for the winter months. Seeing the sparkle in Liz's eyes as she talks about the upcoming crops or shares her ideas for next year fills me with excitement too. I feel good knowing that I am helping one family to reach their dream of running a CSA farm while they help me fufil my dream of living lighter on the land and feeding my family the best food possible. Joining Whispering Pines CSA is a win-win situation!

Danielle, Wyevale ON

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