We have been blessed with the offspring of Conrad our Black Angus bull who passed away this summer due to an unfortunate injury. We have been waiting to see whom the calves looked like! There is nothing better than seeing an animal being born and to see the instant bonding between mother and offspring. It doesn’t matter if it is an animal or a human; it is Mother Nature at her best.

Christmas has been very generous to us; to date 9 calves have been born. They are very strong and energetic. Once the calves finished sucking on their moms, they run as fast as they can sliding on the barn floor, wiping out. They jump around the pen amusing each other and us. We could watch them for hours but wouldn’t get anything done. They all look different to us as we are used to Red Angus. The cross has been intriguing, one has patches on her face; one is totally black and another one is chocolate brown.

We have baby lambs coming soon. Can’t wait!


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