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Whispering Pines Farm and Garden is a community share farm (CSA) for organic vegetables. We also offer all natural beef, pork, lamb, free range eggs and pastured range chickens and turkeys. Our 99 acre farm is located in the heart of Simcoe County, Ontario covering Barrie, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Elmvale, Midland, Coldwater, Collingwood, Apto, Anten Mills, Fergusonvale, Edenvale, Minesing, Sunnidale Corners, Midhurst, Dalston, Craighurst, Hillsdale, Horseshoe Valley and all places in between.

For over 100 years our ancestors have nurtured hundreds of acres of fields and pastures in Simcoe County providing wonderful fresh foods including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, eggs, fruits, vegetables and honey for our families and communities.

Today we have extended what we raise and grow to include a Community Share Agriculture Program.

Like many such programs popular throughout the world, we have developed a process to encompass our passion for healthy, sustainable agricultural practices with the growing desires of our members to eat healthy, ethically and responsibly.

We are committed to farming practices that protect and nurture the diverse land that makes up our farm including the grazing fields for our cattle, the back fields and woodlots, our antique apple orchard and of course our CSA gardens. The health and well being of the land extends to ensuring that our animals are happy, strong and productive members of our farm too, including the cattle, chickens, hens (the girls), sheep,our dogs Buddy, Zeus and Spot and two miniature donkeys, Jasmine and Shadow. Our horses 2 cyldesdales Jack and Jim, pus two Thoroughbred Angle and Tally and one Irish Sport horse Baloo. Our llamas Dolly and Emma!

For us, Whispering Pines Farm and Garden is not just our business, it is our home, our pride and our passion to continue with what our families started, farming the way it should be and we welcome you to come and share the bounty of our harvest.

John, Liz, Nicole and Jesse

Our Beef - All Year Round 

Low in Fat, High in Protein, Vitamin E and Omega3's

Beautiful Angus Cross Beef, Hormone Free,
Antibiotic Free, Pastured,
Grass Fed (some Oats, Barley and Peas)
Chemical Additive Free
Customed cut and packaged 




Our Chicken - Pastured-Rasied from May to Aug   Sold out for 2017

Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free,
Free Range and full of Vitamin D,
Fed Kelp, Veggies and Greens,

Fed that consists of…  No Genetically Modified Grains and are raised in chicken tractors


You can get them custom cut and  packaged for an extra cost!


Our Eggs - All Year Round

Free Range, from Kelp Fed Hens,

Natural Vitamin D from being outside,

Free Range Happy Hens,

Gorgeous Bright Orange Yolk - Full of Nutrients
(The Way Nature Intended!),

Non GMO Fed Hens


Coming soon! MEAT CSA  monthy delivery to Barrie, Wasaga Beach and Collingwood

Yes!! I want to:

*Enjoying quality meat * Ensuring my meat is GMO, hormone, and chemical free

*Supporting local agriculture *promoting Humane Farming Practices

* Preserving our land for future generations!!

For more details, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Proud members of the following organisaions Link to the website of Simcoe County Farm Fresh Marketing Association Link to the website of the National Farmers Union Link to the website of Canadian Organic Growers Link to the website of Ecological Farmers of Ontario