Healthy, Holistic, Natural and Sustainable Farming

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Our Livestock

At Whispering Pines Farm and Garden, John, Liz, Jesse and Jessica work toward maintaining chemical free land that is farmed in the ‘old ways’ of natural holistic management. Click Image to Learn More.

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Our Farming Passion Story

John and Liz brought together over 150 years family farming history. Talk more about the family history and what makes things unique etc. Click Image to Learn more.

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Community Supported Agriculture

Does the sound of pasture raised meats intrigue you? At Whispering Pines Farm and Garden, we strive to give you exceptional tasting quality meat. Click Image to Learn More.

Read what our amazing customers say about us

  • Great roast beef even cold on a sandwich was delicious something I haven’t enjoyed for a while. It was nice to have a sandwich that tasted like the good ol days! Thank you

    -  Wally S., 
  • We’ve been buying our beef, and more recently our chicken from Whispering Pines.
    We wanted to buy from a farm where we could trust that the animals were being well cared for and Whispering Pines doesn’t disappoint. We have been so pleased with all aspects of our experience. Thank you!

    -  Dale and Dianne R., 
  • Liz is so knowledgable and easy to talk to!

    -  Ronda C., 
  • I have been a member of whispering pine farms for 4 years.
    The quality, price and the variety of the meat is amazing. I feel absolutely confident the meat is organic grass-fed meat that is treated kindly and under no stress. 
    They welcome you to visit the farm and see their set-up. You will not be disappointed. Amazing meat amazing family. 

    -  Kellie-Lynn G.D., 
  • Awesome people, really know there stuff. Highly recommend.

    -  Hogan Scott C., 
  • I want to Thank-you for providing my family with a great variety and amazing quality of meat.
    I look forward to opening the bag and finding out what treasures await us each month. I couldn’t be more pleased with your fantastic service. I would highly recommend everyone to enjoy your nourishing food. Please keep doing what you do so well.

    -  Tim G., 
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